Sunday, January 18, 2009



Marc went to a surgical center on Wednesday to have his broken/dislocated hand and wrist bone stablized. It seems from what he told me that they gave him enough tranquilzers that would put a normal person into a stupor for a week.

For pain he was given Vicodin and when those didn't work he was given 2 Percocet, an told to chew them before he swallowed ( he learned a new trick). Marc probably denied he was a drinker because he learned from his last hospital experience that they give more drugs.

Snap! Did I just say that?!

Well, the Dr was 3 hours late to do the procedure, so they gave more tranquilzers more pain meds that didn't work. He was givien a nerve block, that didn't work completely on his thumb and index finger. So the anestetist inserted a long thin needle attached to a TENS unit which was inserted that into his forearm. I guess that DID work and they did the surgery an hour later. Then, instead of cutting and inserting 2 pins under the local anesthia, the Dr decided he needed to cut and insert more pins under GENERAL anesthesia.

At some point his B/P was high with the Systolic in the 190's, so he was given more pain meds. I'm thinking Mama needs to find out who this Doc is and give him the heads up that Marc's B/P has been in the 170's systolically when he eats salty foods & drinks caffiene. And he knows that that pain will also up the B/P, so he may or maynot have been trying ot mimic pain. Yes, my son is a "drug seeker".

Marc did tell me that the Dr offered to renew his pain pills & he told me that he told the Dr he had enough to get him through. Hmmm? Do you think he was saying that for my benefit? I do. Marc's snail mail comes to my address. I think I'll take a peak and see if there is a Dr's name somewhere. I really hate to do that. But, then I would feel worse if he gets addicted again and starts buying off the streets, or worse, overdoses. When he called me he was having some beers with the guys and was going to friend's Brithday party later. At the end of our phone conversation he told me he had to go. go home to ice and elevate his hand.

Am I being played? He thinks so, I'm sure. I don't care because if I act naive I get more info leaked to me because he thinks I'm clueless. Actually his father thought he was so smart that he could tell me anything & I was gullible enough to believe it : D

When the kids were 5/ 7, they found cocaine in thier father's freezer. Their Dad told them it was was powderd sugar, which back fired when they asked if they could put it on thier french toast. So then he told them that it was cocaine that he was going to give to his new BIL for his wedding. "But, don't tell your Mom". LOL~Guess what? The Mom dragged his butt into Family Court. You don't tell kids not to tell Mom. That is what kids do.




I don't usually do Bears or Hearts. Not my style I guess. That or maybe iy's because the bears look like flea and moth ridden. I guess these Bears are "Creddy's" or "Tatty's". The Hearts are definately red. Hehee...made myself laugh!



Rose said...

Wow....seems like a lot of drugs administered....and heavy duty pain drugs at that.

I hope things get better.

Hugs, Rose

Connie said...

if I act naive I get more info leaked to me because he thinks I'm clueless--

"That's what mommas do best",LOL
The bears are cute-ya did alot get snagged.........

garnett109 said...


Sharon said...

The more they do the more they want...we know that. Too bad Doc's are so ready to prescribe such heavy duty drugs these days.

Coelha :B said...

Vicodin makes me sick... I hate that stuff. I think Docs prescribe a little too much lately. Take care-I hope he is feeling better! Julie

Missie said...

I also seem to get more info out of the kids when I act niave. Why is that? LOL

Have a good week and i hope Marc feels better.

Jmoqueen said...

I hope Marc feels better soon x the teddies are cute but the heart thing is not really my scene lol............

ADM DESIGN'S said...

I hope Marc feels better. Very nice tags,
Hugs, Alvia

LYN said...

unbelievable that they would actually allow him to chew

Jimmy's Journal said...

Doctors are quick to prescribe drugs nowadays and that's not a good idea. Kids have mastered the art of acquiring drugs and you've got to watch then like a hawk. Good luck!


Winivere said...

Hi B. LOL @ powder sugar in the freezer & on toast. It's funny how dumb they think we are. LMAO

Gillie said...

They told him to chew the percocet!! Wowie!!