Monday, February 16, 2009


I recieved a quick voice mail from Marc today. He was on his way to the Tampa Airport. He'll call me tomorrow (or text) and let me know what's happening. If neither Nicci or Marc call me, that 's ok. I know they'll be busy. Nicci will probably be the one who helps her Pepere' and Dad. Pepere', caught the flu that Memere' caught after she had a stroke the week before. Pep is in his mid-80's also and although I think he is in pretty good shape, I'm sure his resisitance is down.

As I'm writing this I recieved a call form Nicolle. Things are tense with her Dad. She is at Pepere's house tonight so I told her to see how things go tomorrow. And be by Pepere's side.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hey Sweetie! Hope everything turns out ok. Hugs, Alvia

garnett109 said...

I just learned to new french words, thanks

Lisa said...

I hope all goes well for Nicole. Your tags are wonderful - you do great work!!! (I caught up on the entries I've missed so this is a broad comemnt). Sorry to hear your x MIL passed away. I'm with you on the chocolates, I should have gone out Sunday to get some at discounted prices ~ I can never have enough chocolate!! Good to "see" you again.

LdyRoxx said...

Geesh I'm outta the loop. Hope all is better.