Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Notice anything different?

An Extreme Makeover perhaps?

Yes, I've figured out the precise measurements to make a decorative backgrounds for "Stretch Templates" and I figured out the HTML codes : )

Yes, I am a grin'in fool!

I wanted color & also a white background so that my graphics would blend in. I think I did it! Of course, I am hoping that you all will like it, too.

It's hard to believe that on the eve of Black Friday Autumn will officially be over and the Yule season begins. I really love Autumn. Loved it when I lived in the Mohawk Valley of NY, and even more when I lived in Glens Falls at the foot of the Adirondacks. The kids and I actually lived at the base of West Mt Ski Resort just a couple miles west of Glens Falls.

I guess the nip in the air tonight is making me feel nostalgic. It's 47 degree's right now and we are expecting a hard freeze. *Below 32 degrees for more than 3 hours.

Is this really west central Florida? Land of the warm sun that brings out the 'Peter Pan' in all those that experience her land??

The chill feels good. I have my electric blanket & a warm puppy to keep me warm. Miss Mau'i has foregone her hunting ways the past few nights & slept indoors in her crate. She loves her dark little kitty cave. No fuss, I say "time for bed", gently guide her cat butt in, and shut the door. She really is a good little cat.

Little? Did I say little??

A month ago, when she had her first dose of tapeworm medicine she weighed 7.5 lbs. Her back bone & hips were down right bony. I thought this little girl was going to be petite. Since that initial dose of worm medicine, the outline of her spine and hips has disappeared. *No more "wiggly linguine" BTW.

In fact there are times where I actually feel her tummy to see if there is fetal movement. LOL-I am such the Mid-Wife. She is filling out & if I didn't know better, I would swear she is with kittens.

If that be the case, Animal Control who did the spaying will be receiving a delivery. Yes, that is how much I think about her and IF she is expecting.

Then I've thought if she is, it would certainly be from an incestuous relationship with the bobbed tail, black & orange male that eats from her outdoor bowl from time to time. I call him 'Poppie", as I am certain that he must be her Daddy.

There was an orange male hanging around last winter and spring, that I haven't seen in ages. Thinking about it, he must be Maui's four brother's daddy, as they are all large muscular orange tigers.

Wondering? Are calico's markings less prevalent than other markings?

The SnowBirds seem happy to have a cat in the back of the RV Park. Apparently many returned to their RV's to find squirrel & mice nests with damage to wiring & refrigeration units. I thought I was going to hear a lot of grief about her not being on a leash! Even the grumpy old souls have remarked how nice it is to have a cat around to keep the squirrel and Fruit Rat populations down. I watch her attempt to hunt in the evening hours. She is such a clutz! The squirrels are still more muscular than her. But one day, she get her confidence & prowlness.

I know I'll probably be on the receiving end of kitty presents when she gets a bit stronger.

When the SnowBirds first started arriving a month ago, Mau'i would run under my deck & hide. Now she follows Jasmine & I down the middle of the road when we go for walks, just like before. She runs from tree to tree, peeking at me from above. As Jazzy and I continue our walk she'll run sideways, her tail poofed out. Then she'll hide under a trailer or bush, then jump out at us.....



yonguejap said...

Maui sure sounds like shes growing up (and out)lol
we've added a another puppy to the group ! hes a digger and a runner keeps us busy! stay warm and love what youve done to your "blog"! p.s. glad I finally found ya!!

LYN said...


Yasmin said...

I like your new back ground, especially the colours. It's very cold here in the UK, going to get worse for the I'll be wrapping up warm.

Take care


Dannelle said...

Looks great! Watch out for those crankies with Mau'i. I don't trust people who think cats should be on leashs! Dannelle

Sharon said...

Exsqueeze me did you say FREEZE and electric blankie????
Love the new homesite. I need to "update" my blog and it's furnishings!!

garnett109 said...

are you sunny beth?
how is that puss cat of yours?

Missie said...

You did a great job!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Cool new layout. I did great at createing it.

Miss Slick One said...

GREAT layout, my friend!
My kitty-babies were fathered by a stray male marmalade as well! The mother is a Dilute Calico (she's on my page) but you'll see they get their color from him and their markings from her. Great combo!
Have an awesome day!

jun said...

your blog is very pretty.
I like autumn too thats why I named my little girl Autumn.I will be sad to see it go.My house is decorated with autumn leaves and colors which i will have to change after thanksgiving.time for the green and red! lol

Rose said...

Love your new look.

I tried to go to "The Cutest Blog in Town" and found some great stuff however, when I add makes my blog look too busy. Then I learned I have to change my template to mimina or something like that...then when I do that all my graphics have a border around them..........Ugh

I give up!

Hugs, Rose

Cindi said...

I have nominated you for a Marie Antonette award..congrats!

Connie said...

Wow- you sure did figure out how to make this blog special.
"love it"
But noticed my blogs missing from your
sidebar :-(
love ya lil foxie gal

Liz in Virginia said...

This looks great!! Congrats on the award too! John gave it to me too, now I don't know how to post it in the side bar, tell me please. Thanks

Connie said...

I see you have already been awarded the Real Blogs Real People award-but I'm here to tell ya-I gave it to ya also,LOL
Congrats on your Lila award-way to go!!I am proud of ya.You have come a long way.

Robin said...

Love your background, looks marvelous up in here!

Lisa said...

Your blog does look really nice, I noticed it as soon as I got her. I guess 47 is low for you guys - I would be happy if our daytime temps reached 47 lately. The nights have been down right frigid.

Maui sounds like a little delight! I'm glad to hear the neighbors are happy to have her around.

Gillie said...

I am glad the neighbors aren't giving you grief about Maiu! Can't wait to hear about her first present to you! :)