Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lovin' Autumn Tag

Yes, I am lovin' Autumn!
Not because Florida has bright and vibrant colors of fall, we don't. The leaves on our Southern Oaks turn brown and just fall.
Why am I lovin' Autumn??
Because the tag above was voted as 1st Place among LiLA's eighty-some members who voted in what we call a "Show Me What You Got" contest. We were just given a "sheet of leaves" to work with and I just got an idea in my head and went to town Friday night.
I don't know why I do better writing and playing with graphics late at night, but I do.
I've come in 2nd many times, but never #1.
It's like getting my first "A" in college!

The other good thing the happened this weekend was that Cindi of Wishing for my turn and John of My Brain Is In Pain Again felt me worthy of the Marie Antoinette Award. And Like Donna, I am sure by this time most of the Blogs I visit already have one. I am still having problems keeping up my online friend's with entries because it seems like I get feeds for some and not for others. Ugh!

If you haven't visited Cindi and John's Journal's, please do. I think both deserve this award far more than myself.
As do my online friends listed on my sidebar.

I have a few other tags I am going to add here in case anyone would like me to tag them....or you can snag.
To tell you the truth they look better with names on them because I deliberately leave room for tagging.
The Twilight movie came out this weekend, so here is another Twilight tag...



Well, this one was an experiment with a photo we were given in "LiLA".

I was trying to make it look like a still life painting.


Reflecting, I realize how close our displaced community of 'JLanders" really are. I am thankkful for each and everyone of you and wish you bright blessings

So much support, prayers, and friendship. Things I know nothing about a year ago. We really do cling to one another by being individuals.

Be careful if you are traveling this week.

Each and every one of you would truly be missed.



garnett109 said...

My best season is spring when the world comes alive!

Lazarai said...

Hey Bethe,

I'm so far behind on all the journals I used to read...I hate that dashboard thingee, for one thing, and I've been busier in 3D life than a one-armed paperhanger. But I decided to come searching for you to see how you are doing....and I'm still looking forward to seeing you and Robin on Thursday, 12/4!! I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving - we're heading to NY/NJ tomorrow, back Saturday night - to be with family up there.

Enjoy your Turkey Day and I'll talk to you next week!!

:) Carol

Cindi said...

Congrats on the Lila award..& thx for the kind words!

D said...

congrats on the win... the tag is awesome!! Your work is so good Bethe... you've come so far :)
love ya and Happy Turkey day

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Congratulations, Bethe! I voted for yours but didn't even realize it was yours. I should have known because you made me that tut for a tag. Hope you can find your way around Blogger. I use the Dashboard to find entries. I still can't quite keep up because of time. Happy Thanksgiving! HUGS

Robin said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

DB said...

Bethe, good for you. Yes it's very hard keeping up with everybody. I'm very busy writing but I have to push it side just to read some journals. There must be an easier way. It has been COLD here in PA, but today was nice. Not much in the way of bright colors on the trees but, like you, plenty of brown ones on the sidewalk. D

Joyce said...

You have another award on my blog Girlfriend.
Hugs, Joyce

Missie said...

Congratulations! Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Yasmin said...

Love your tags, but lost the link you gave me I should try again.
Congrats on your award, well deserved.
Happy Thanks Giving



Martha said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it's been a great day! :-)

Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, really great graphics. Congrats on the awards.


Lisa said...

Congratulations on the win for your tag, it is fantastic and congrats on your award too!!!

I am sad autumn is over, I will miss the beauty. Everything is already starting to look bleak and cold...ewe.

Sorry I've been so remiss in getting around to you. You know I love ya!!!

LYN said...

you are very talented...me not so much...LOL
Have a good week in the park...;-)

Martha said...

Hi Bethe,
If you are reading blogs by the feed you have on your front page, you have to remember to update it when you start following new blogs. That could be why you're missing some!
Dolphins won yesterday too BTW :-)