Friday, November 14, 2008

Windows 7


I've been doing some reading about the new Windows 7 program that is expected to replace Vista.

I kid you not. It was announced October 28, 2008 that at the end of 2009 Microsoft is releasing a more "program friendly version of Vista". Can't you just wait for a new Windows Program? Just when we are getting used to Vista? ::sorta::

Features of Windows 7 (in a nutshell)

1. Taskbar buttons are bigger but will take up less horizontal space and include devices printers, scanner, and so on) as well as applications. Hovering your mouse over the taskbar button brings up horizontal preview thumbnails of each document open in app. And hovering over one of those brings up a full screen size preview of the document. You can drag the icons anywhere on the taskbar you like, instead of where the OS wants to put them.

2. Desktop themes chooser now highlights the ability to change windows borders "glass edge. You have the choice of 18 color tints for you glass with accessibility themes also available as well as more themes downloadable for online.

3. As soon as you connect to a Wifi network your area you are asked whether it is home, work, or a public network. If you choose home you can set up file and printer sharing in a couple of steps. If you tap your home laptop to work, the OS will automatically switch to a nearby printer rather than requiring a visit to printer set up. (This is a night mare in Vista, believe me!)

4. Blutooth will be supported using a 3 step wizard. What could be easier?

5. For Laptop users, Battery Life on Windows 7 will improve battery life on the same hardware relative to Vista.

6. The confusing pop up that appears when you plug in a camera, DVD or CD will be more user friendly.

7. When it comes to Windows Live there will be few walls before getting to the task you wish to accomplish such as word processing and will be compatible with more blogging sites such as Yahoo, Gmail, and others. You can use one mailbox to integrate all or you can use separate mailboxes. It's your choice.

8. Photo Gallery will integrate well with third party Photo sites such as Flickr.

9. Performance will be improved over Vista. As you open more windows in Vista the program slows and eventually shuts down. Windows 7 will behave much better and hopefully the systems memory performance will remain constant as more windows are opened.

10. Apparently the various teams working on Windows Vista started their respective projects at different times resulting in a disjointed collection of programs for the OS. All of the teams started at the same time for Windows 7 and are focused. Something that Windows admits wasn't true of Vista. ( WTF??!!) Microsoft claims that Window 7 will be what windows 98 was to 95, and what Windows XP was to Windows 2000. And it will be developed based on user feedback. which wasn't the case with Vista. Oh course Windows wants to seek redemption for the bad rap vista has gotten, real or perceived. Windows 7 looks like Windows stab at redemption.

11. The best for last....The Windows 7 program will reboot in 1 minute. Now that would be nice!

Inside Windows 7 Pre-Beta - News and Analysis by PC Magazine


Missie said...

Sure, just when I was getting used to Vista and actually liking it, Microsoft has to go changing things! lol

Have a good weekend,

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I've also heard that Windows 7 will use about a 1/4 of the memory that it takes to run Vista. LOL...I'm still plugging away on my XP and praying it makes it until the new Windows appears. Vista definitely wasn't one of their best moves. HUGS

Martha said...

I click on this entry thinking it was for the Monday Photo Shoot Challenge, the theme is windows, LOL! :-)

ADB said...

Call me cynical Bethe, but Vista was also billed as the cure to all Windows ills. Don't think Windows 7 will be brought out bug-free either.


DB said...

Yeah, but I bet it will never chase away the nasty imp inside that turns my carefully written prose into grits.

jun said...

thank you so much for the update. i am still confused ny vista and probably will remain so. lol
you do beautiful work, i enjoy your graphics!

Kelly Dawn said...

well hells bells I JUST got a laptop with Vista on it TODAY....and can barely work


Joyce said...

WOW, I never made it to Vista and was dreading that move. Maybe I get to bypass that nightmare and go to the next one. I'm just trying to catch up GF. Gizmo is at the vet being spayed.
Huggies, Joyce

Carmi said...

I'm a tech journalist, and I've written about Windows 7. Bottom line: it's waaaaaay too early to draw any conclusions over what it will or will not do, how it may or may not work, and whether it will or won't address many of the perceived shortcomings of Vista.

At the end of the day, we get work done in application programs (Word, Firefox, etc.) and not in operating systems. I think a new OS is always nice to chat about, but it isn't as critical to our well being as vendors would like us to think.