Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Snags



I was asked if I celebrate Easter. No, not Easter per se, but the celebration of Spring and life that has been dormant through the winter months. And yes, even in Florida we have a dormant season.

My Ginger Thomas plant has sprung to life the past couple of weeks as have my crotons. I had been babying an Avocado tree sprig and I think that will go in the ground tonight. I'll see if I can get some photo's.



Cindi said...

we had a very nice winter...lovely here down the road a piece from ya...snowbirds will be leaving soon, the temps will be getting warmer too...have a great Easter weekend!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great tags

garnett109 said...

I celebrate everything it gave me more time off of work

Joyce said...

Great tags Bethe. We miss you at LilA GF. When are you returning? First Wini wimped out and now you. WHAT??? I don't like this.
Hugs, Joyce

LdyRoxx said...

Nice tags!! Happy Equinox Season to ya .. I'm so glad to see Spring is finally here! Love ya!

Teresa said...

My fav tag is the one with the bunny and the flower on her head popping up and down :) But I like ALL of them lol. Blessings and Love Bethe*** Teresa