Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where have YOU been? ( Exquisite Spring Snag)


Hmmm? Where have I been? I guess it has been almost 2 months since I've posted.

Lets's see...about the middle of February I was asked to be moderator/teacher for LearnPSP, the Yahoo group I've belonged to since last June. I had been teaching people by IM for a while anyway, and 4 hours a week didn't sound too bad. And about a month ago I was asked if I would write the weekly newsletter for the RV Park. It has all the activities and scores for Darts, Bowling, Golf & yes, Shuffleboard. And use my PSP art to make the Header and clip art here and there to "make it pretty".

Jazzy is good. Good and fat. I shaved her maltese hair last week and now she looks more like a pink pig pot belly pig, than a dog. Mau'i is a year old now and she has claimed the RV Park as her domain. One of her brothers got hit by a car in the road. Luckily we are on the back road surrounded by a 15 ft fence. Whenever I call her, she comes running, so I know she isn't at the front of the Park where the driveway in & out is. The SnowBirds have really gotten more than a few good laughs from her. Besides running and jumping on and off picnic tables, she rolls in the dirt then looks at people upside down. She tries to get teh squirrels, but just doesn't have her timing down yet. People have told me that they watch as she pursues her prey, waiting anxiously, anticitpating, then...."Ohhh! She missed!!" The SnowBirds laugh and point each evening when I take Jazz for a walk and Miss Mau'i follows and rubs against Jazzy. Mau'i hasn"t allowed anyone else in the Park to pet her, but she isn't running & hiding under the trailer anymore.

I've done my Spring planting. Got the Crotons and Plumeria in the ground. The herbs, Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, Dill and Catnip, I'll do tomorrow morning, I have several Pineapple plants with baby pineapples. They are only going to be 2 yrs old and have fruit already. I'm really surprised. It usually takes at least 3 yrs. But, these were "Dole" tops that I picked up at the grocery store as the guy was shucking them. So maybe Dole has plants that they have made to produce fruit quicker. The Mau'i gold I brought back from Mau'i has fruit. That one I think is going in the ground tomorrow also.

The first exodus of SnowBirds happened April 1st. Feels good to have a little elbow room again.

So the next exodus will be the day after Easter. The Florida Turnpike from east Florida converges with Rt 75 to create a massive parking lot. Sometimes it takes 2 days to untangle, depending on the number of accidents. And then May 1st the last of the SnowBirds leave & "Ahhhh...peace and quiet" until next season (November).


Missie said...

It's great reading an entry from you! As I said before, I miss you!!

garnett109 said...

Has it been a year already for mau'i

LYN said...


Yasmin said...

Great hear form you, and you guys have come so far from those first PSP classes we had lol.
Glad all is ok with you

Take care


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great hear form you,,hope your weekend and holiday great one. Happy Easter!

DB said...

So you're back are you? Good. Stay a while. Give the departing snow birds a figurative moon from me.