Sunday, November 30, 2008


It appears Photo Bucket is not downlaoding my graphics in full size or else it makes my animations quiver like a bowl of Jello.



Well, isn't this special!

There are teeny tiny snowflakes in there. That is if you can see them : /



I won't bother showing you what the "Jello" looks like.

It's not pretty : (

Guess I'll just blame it on Cyber Monday.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!


CLICK ME~> Turkey Shoot

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lovin' Autumn Tag

Yes, I am lovin' Autumn!
Not because Florida has bright and vibrant colors of fall, we don't. The leaves on our Southern Oaks turn brown and just fall.
Why am I lovin' Autumn??
Because the tag above was voted as 1st Place among LiLA's eighty-some members who voted in what we call a "Show Me What You Got" contest. We were just given a "sheet of leaves" to work with and I just got an idea in my head and went to town Friday night.
I don't know why I do better writing and playing with graphics late at night, but I do.
I've come in 2nd many times, but never #1.
It's like getting my first "A" in college!

The other good thing the happened this weekend was that Cindi of Wishing for my turn and John of My Brain Is In Pain Again felt me worthy of the Marie Antoinette Award. And Like Donna, I am sure by this time most of the Blogs I visit already have one. I am still having problems keeping up my online friend's with entries because it seems like I get feeds for some and not for others. Ugh!

If you haven't visited Cindi and John's Journal's, please do. I think both deserve this award far more than myself.
As do my online friends listed on my sidebar.

I have a few other tags I am going to add here in case anyone would like me to tag them....or you can snag.
To tell you the truth they look better with names on them because I deliberately leave room for tagging.
The Twilight movie came out this weekend, so here is another Twilight tag...



Well, this one was an experiment with a photo we were given in "LiLA".

I was trying to make it look like a still life painting.


Reflecting, I realize how close our displaced community of 'JLanders" really are. I am thankkful for each and everyone of you and wish you bright blessings

So much support, prayers, and friendship. Things I know nothing about a year ago. We really do cling to one another by being individuals.

Be careful if you are traveling this week.

Each and every one of you would truly be missed.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Notice anything different?

An Extreme Makeover perhaps?

Yes, I've figured out the precise measurements to make a decorative backgrounds for "Stretch Templates" and I figured out the HTML codes : )

Yes, I am a grin'in fool!

I wanted color & also a white background so that my graphics would blend in. I think I did it! Of course, I am hoping that you all will like it, too.

It's hard to believe that on the eve of Black Friday Autumn will officially be over and the Yule season begins. I really love Autumn. Loved it when I lived in the Mohawk Valley of NY, and even more when I lived in Glens Falls at the foot of the Adirondacks. The kids and I actually lived at the base of West Mt Ski Resort just a couple miles west of Glens Falls.

I guess the nip in the air tonight is making me feel nostalgic. It's 47 degree's right now and we are expecting a hard freeze. *Below 32 degrees for more than 3 hours.

Is this really west central Florida? Land of the warm sun that brings out the 'Peter Pan' in all those that experience her land??

The chill feels good. I have my electric blanket & a warm puppy to keep me warm. Miss Mau'i has foregone her hunting ways the past few nights & slept indoors in her crate. She loves her dark little kitty cave. No fuss, I say "time for bed", gently guide her cat butt in, and shut the door. She really is a good little cat.

Little? Did I say little??

A month ago, when she had her first dose of tapeworm medicine she weighed 7.5 lbs. Her back bone & hips were down right bony. I thought this little girl was going to be petite. Since that initial dose of worm medicine, the outline of her spine and hips has disappeared. *No more "wiggly linguine" BTW.

In fact there are times where I actually feel her tummy to see if there is fetal movement. LOL-I am such the Mid-Wife. She is filling out & if I didn't know better, I would swear she is with kittens.

If that be the case, Animal Control who did the spaying will be receiving a delivery. Yes, that is how much I think about her and IF she is expecting.

Then I've thought if she is, it would certainly be from an incestuous relationship with the bobbed tail, black & orange male that eats from her outdoor bowl from time to time. I call him 'Poppie", as I am certain that he must be her Daddy.

There was an orange male hanging around last winter and spring, that I haven't seen in ages. Thinking about it, he must be Maui's four brother's daddy, as they are all large muscular orange tigers.

Wondering? Are calico's markings less prevalent than other markings?

The SnowBirds seem happy to have a cat in the back of the RV Park. Apparently many returned to their RV's to find squirrel & mice nests with damage to wiring & refrigeration units. I thought I was going to hear a lot of grief about her not being on a leash! Even the grumpy old souls have remarked how nice it is to have a cat around to keep the squirrel and Fruit Rat populations down. I watch her attempt to hunt in the evening hours. She is such a clutz! The squirrels are still more muscular than her. But one day, she get her confidence & prowlness.

I know I'll probably be on the receiving end of kitty presents when she gets a bit stronger.

When the SnowBirds first started arriving a month ago, Mau'i would run under my deck & hide. Now she follows Jasmine & I down the middle of the road when we go for walks, just like before. She runs from tree to tree, peeking at me from above. As Jazzy and I continue our walk she'll run sideways, her tail poofed out. Then she'll hide under a trailer or bush, then jump out at us.....


Friday, November 14, 2008

Windows 7


I've been doing some reading about the new Windows 7 program that is expected to replace Vista.

I kid you not. It was announced October 28, 2008 that at the end of 2009 Microsoft is releasing a more "program friendly version of Vista". Can't you just wait for a new Windows Program? Just when we are getting used to Vista? ::sorta::

Features of Windows 7 (in a nutshell)

1. Taskbar buttons are bigger but will take up less horizontal space and include devices printers, scanner, and so on) as well as applications. Hovering your mouse over the taskbar button brings up horizontal preview thumbnails of each document open in app. And hovering over one of those brings up a full screen size preview of the document. You can drag the icons anywhere on the taskbar you like, instead of where the OS wants to put them.

2. Desktop themes chooser now highlights the ability to change windows borders "glass edge. You have the choice of 18 color tints for you glass with accessibility themes also available as well as more themes downloadable for online.

3. As soon as you connect to a Wifi network your area you are asked whether it is home, work, or a public network. If you choose home you can set up file and printer sharing in a couple of steps. If you tap your home laptop to work, the OS will automatically switch to a nearby printer rather than requiring a visit to printer set up. (This is a night mare in Vista, believe me!)

4. Blutooth will be supported using a 3 step wizard. What could be easier?

5. For Laptop users, Battery Life on Windows 7 will improve battery life on the same hardware relative to Vista.

6. The confusing pop up that appears when you plug in a camera, DVD or CD will be more user friendly.

7. When it comes to Windows Live there will be few walls before getting to the task you wish to accomplish such as word processing and will be compatible with more blogging sites such as Yahoo, Gmail, and others. You can use one mailbox to integrate all or you can use separate mailboxes. It's your choice.

8. Photo Gallery will integrate well with third party Photo sites such as Flickr.

9. Performance will be improved over Vista. As you open more windows in Vista the program slows and eventually shuts down. Windows 7 will behave much better and hopefully the systems memory performance will remain constant as more windows are opened.

10. Apparently the various teams working on Windows Vista started their respective projects at different times resulting in a disjointed collection of programs for the OS. All of the teams started at the same time for Windows 7 and are focused. Something that Windows admits wasn't true of Vista. ( WTF??!!) Microsoft claims that Window 7 will be what windows 98 was to 95, and what Windows XP was to Windows 2000. And it will be developed based on user feedback. which wasn't the case with Vista. Oh course Windows wants to seek redemption for the bad rap vista has gotten, real or perceived. Windows 7 looks like Windows stab at redemption.

11. The best for last....The Windows 7 program will reboot in 1 minute. Now that would be nice!

Inside Windows 7 Pre-Beta - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tag Offer-My Little Box Of Treasures

Good Grief ! It's been a while since I've done a REAL entry.

Halloween Eve I was doing dishes when I was startled by someone on my deck. Hmmm? A man I went out with 4 years ago, another George. He had a g/f at the time and had intentionally left out that little detail when we were together. After dating a month or more, we were at a Christmas party at a friend's house. Across tha BayI saw a red car pull up to his trailer. When he disappeared I asked someone who that was and was told, "Oh, that's his g/f".

It was no big deal, he always had a lot of drama going on which kept me at arms length. Too much to worry about for my liking & hardly worth it, in my opinion.

Then he came here to this RV Park about 18 months ago. Said he was driving by and just stopped to see me. After a little visit he asked if could call me. Or if I would call him? I don't remember. I knew my number had changed since our dating days and that day I deleted his number from my cell phone hoping not to hear from him again.

So do you think he has changed? Nooo...I heard about his newest surgery, his turmoil with the "girlfreind, Laurie", who he claimed he hasn't seen in 6 months, and about some "dissing" of the people we used to hang out with. He wanted me to go out that evening to some a bar on the Anclotte River "where "everyone hangs out". Only no one was around that night because they were at the Breast Cancer walk in St Petersburg AND he didn't feel like being alone.

No I didn't go. I didn't want to be rude and I didn't want him in my house. So I insited that the dog need a walk. After listening to his woes, I told him that I had things to do that evening and no thanks I wasn't going out. I did have things to do. It was Samhain Eve & I need to see if I could find someone to take me to the polls for early voting. He asked me out for the following weekend, Friday AND Saturday night. I told him to Email me to confirm. And as it turned out I really couldn't see myself dealing with this man at all, he wasn't wven good comapny. In my Email I told him I wasn't interested.

Most of you may remember when Jasmine, my Maltese, was so ill last July and the Vet I took her was so rude. I did decide to pay him $10 a month. Apparently, he is not happy with that. I received a letter from the office saying that he is going to close my account, unless I pay the remaining $100.00, and to send the account to collections. I was thinking of sending him a letter saying that if he hadn't been so rude he would have had his money the next week when I got my disability check. But, if he does take me to court, which I doubt because it would cost him more out of his pocket than I owe, I don't want it in writing that I was holding back money maliciously.



I did get a super "sweeet" award yesterday after entering one of my graphics in a weekly graphics contest. My animated graphic came in 2nd after being voted on by it's sixty some memebers. I'm elated. This group has group members whose graphics I've admired since I started in JLand a little over a year ago.

The change in my Journal is because I would like to add graphics that are larger than 400 pixels wide. I was told I need to stretch the template. I see where I button to click to expand the sidebar, but don't seem to be able to find it for the main body. With all the playing I've been doing I decided to try with just a white backgound until I get it figured out.

** I think I found that button!!

The graphic below is also one that I did. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this