Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The other day I had a nice thing happen. I had ridden my bike to the Witch's Brew, a nice Spiritual & Tea Shop in Palm Harbor.
There was a young girl, about 5 who said to a woman browsing, "Your hair is longer than my teacher's". It was determined the teacher was less than 30, & the woman said, "what is after 30", & the little girl answered, "40", "that's right". Another heavier lady with long grey hair said, "what is after 40?". "Mmmmm...50", "Right!". This was getting to be a fun game, so I held up 8 fingers and said how much is 50+8. She looked at me, she looked at the lady with long hair (mine is shoulder length), she looked at the lady with long, long dark hair...looked at me again then back to my fingers & I mouthed the words "fifty-eight" as she said them. The mother looked at me, "And said, "you are just beautiful" she said it more than once. I said thank you, of course. Then I said to the little girl that people come in all shapes & sizes. Some can grow long hair, I can't. Some people have grey hair......I don't yet.