Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi Everyone

Grand Canyon
Last Christmas

I sure do miss my blogging/Journal friends. FB & Twitter is just not the same. It just seemed we had a nice group of friends back then & we were so supportive.

I've been having a rough time with my health & depression. My children have done thier best to alienate themselves from me. And w/o them I hardly feel like living. don't worry I'm seeing a therapist for it & was taking an antidepressant. It's been changed & this new one isn't working. Right now, I have a migraine..same old, same old complaint, right?

Jasmine has big lumps on her chest. Lymph nodes. They have been oozing blood & pus & I'vw gotten quite creative applying dressings. With antibiotics the sores have healed, but she still has the lumps. She has a Vet appt this afternoon. If the Vet still wants to do biopsies & surgery, I'll have no choice but to put her to sleep. She falls frontwards & sometimes her back legs give out. Sometimes it seems she can't see. Lately she has her days & nights reversed. So I take her out to sit on the patio blocks while I sleep in the wicker chair. She just sits there looking around-with a smile on her Maltese face.
Well, my H/A is a little better so I better get out of bed & get ready for Jazzy's appt.

I have so much more on my mind. Maybe writing will pull the junk out.

hugs 'hugs...