Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi Everyone

Grand Canyon
Last Christmas

I sure do miss my blogging/Journal friends. FB & Twitter is just not the same. It just seemed we had a nice group of friends back then & we were so supportive.

I've been having a rough time with my health & depression. My children have done thier best to alienate themselves from me. And w/o them I hardly feel like living. don't worry I'm seeing a therapist for it & was taking an antidepressant. It's been changed & this new one isn't working. Right now, I have a migraine..same old, same old complaint, right?

Jasmine has big lumps on her chest. Lymph nodes. They have been oozing blood & pus & I'vw gotten quite creative applying dressings. With antibiotics the sores have healed, but she still has the lumps. She has a Vet appt this afternoon. If the Vet still wants to do biopsies & surgery, I'll have no choice but to put her to sleep. She falls frontwards & sometimes her back legs give out. Sometimes it seems she can't see. Lately she has her days & nights reversed. So I take her out to sit on the patio blocks while I sleep in the wicker chair. She just sits there looking around-with a smile on her Maltese face.
Well, my H/A is a little better so I better get out of bed & get ready for Jazzy's appt.

I have so much more on my mind. Maybe writing will pull the junk out.

hugs 'hugs...


LYN said...

Hi!! So happy to see a post from you..I just wrote the first one in ages too..go read it you're not going to believe what it's about!

we sure hide things on FB don't we?

Ruby said...

HI! Sooo Happy to see your post :) Im on fb now too:) but I play alot games farming ect..is fun if you like drop by ok take care and give Jasmine a hug from Kati and I ( shes fighting flea allergies and lose of hair but shes still my fur baby
love ya..
sometimes writing helps it does me.. take care

Sharon said...

Great to hear from you!! I agree, FB is good for connecting, but not so much like we did in JLand. Depression is all around and I don't know what to do about it myself. Wishing I were closer to you and Shelly so we could "run away" to Nokomis or Honeymoon Island or just to the sponge docks.
Love you and give Jazz some love from me and Miss T too!!

Lisa said...

Just thinking about you ~ I miss you and reading your blog. I hope you & Jas are both doing well.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Bethe are you on FB? I am Linda Mae Weigel...