Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009


I recieved a quick voice mail from Marc today. He was on his way to the Tampa Airport. He'll call me tomorrow (or text) and let me know what's happening. If neither Nicci or Marc call me, that 's ok. I know they'll be busy. Nicci will probably be the one who helps her Pepere' and Dad. Pepere', caught the flu that Memere' caught after she had a stroke the week before. Pep is in his mid-80's also and although I think he is in pretty good shape, I'm sure his resisitance is down.

As I'm writing this I recieved a call form Nicolle. Things are tense with her Dad. She is at Pepere's house tonight so I told her to see how things go tomorrow. And be by Pepere's side.

Sunday, February 15, 2009



Sorry for the misleading Title on one of my posts. No, I haven't met anyone and no, I'm not in love. It was just the name of the word art on the graphic. I was thinking about it tonight. I just don't go anywhere to meet anyone. The pharmacy, the grocery store and home. That's it.

Last night, I got the news my former Mother in Law died. My 2 kids were the first two grandchildren of their father's He's an only child. Nicolle is flying to Albany from Chicago today. She had looked into flight tickets online for her brother, Marc. But it seems that tickets from Tampa to Albany were almost 3 times the cost.

Have I mentioned he fell of his neighbor's skateboard? Broke & dislocated the hand bones at the wrist? He then had to have surgery to have pins put in it. And, it is the right hand so he has been unable to work. The pins came out on Friday and he is a little more comfortable now. I asked Marc today if he thought about driving up to Scotia.

I'll write a little about Memere' tomorrow. I need to get cards out to my former FIL, her sisters, brothers and X to mail tomorrow.

Isn't this just the sweetest?

Snag to Tag

A little snag....


This is what it looks like tagged...






WoW, I can't beleive it's been so long since I've posted. I've really gotten into making Valentine's tags. And then 2 weeks ago I was online when the Owner of the LearnPSP group I'm in asked me if I'd be a modertor.
The group has 50+ members that are mostly beginner's learning basic Paint Shop Pro. So this past week I've been training every day and I'll admit it sure was nice to sleep in this morning.
Monday I'm doing a Blood Pressure Clinic which I do every ohter Monday here in the RV Park. Thursday, I may be going out for lunch with my online freinds, Robin and Carol again. So I'll be finishing my trianing the other 3 days this week.
Bobbie, the moderator will be going into the hospital in 3 weeks for Bypass surgery so once she finished trianing us 2 "new girls", she be able to realx, have her surgery, heal, and do the rehab.
Do I have a Valentine?
No. But I suppose that if I go out tomorrow I will be able to buy my own Chocolate at 1/2 price.