Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just Sitting Here


I am sitting here watching the Tampa Bay Ray's play the Boston Red Sox. This iss hte 6th game of the 7. It's the bottom of the 8th inning, the score is Boston-4/Tampa-2. This is agonizing. I know my boys have it in them.

Did I tell you that my Son in law played for the Ray's. Five years, I htink. First Base. He was in Spring training in St. Petesburg when he met my daughter one night at a bar in St. Pete.

Miss Mau'i had been sick. A week ago I was brushing her outside on the deck & brushed what I thought was linguini off her fur. And thought, "Hmmmm, how she get spegghetti from dinner last night on her butt?". When it happened again later I stopped an looked & it was moving. Ugh!! I knew immediately-Tapeworm segments. Sometimes it's not such a good thing to have so much microbiology.

I called the clinic to see if the Hook & Round worm medcine she had the day before as part of her immuniaztion package was killing them and was told no. She must have ingested a flea. Hmmm? She was without her flea preventiion for a month. I looked at her little tummy and no flea's of flea dirt to be found. But her white tummy fur is pretty dense. I was told I'd have to bring her in for a shot Sunday. I called Sunday because I had a feeling the girl gave me the wrong information. Sure enough-no clinic that day. I was going to get Jazzy the shot too. Just in case she ate an infected flea also.

Jazzy is going to have her immunizations in November so I'll be sure to get her taken care of then. She was off her flea medicine for a few months last winter. So she may have them, too. No linguine though.

I went over the the Cat Hospital across the street and got some pills for Mau'i. Only 2. And I asked the vet tech if she had time to give the first one to her. The tech took her to the back of the office where she gave it. When she returned she remarked what a good little kitty Mau'i is. *me is beaming with pride* Everyone says that.

Game over. The Red Sox & Ray's are tied with 3 games each in the playoff's. This is killing me. I really want the Ray's to go to the World Series!!

You see Tampa Bay sports used to be a joke when I moved here 15 yrs ago. Then the TB Lightening won the Stanley Cup, the Buc's, the Super Bowl. This has been a great baseball season.....finger's crossed we go to the series. Tomorrow's another game. It will be the Sox or US.

BTW, all my tags are snagable. It's nice of you all to leave a note if you snag. You don't have to ask. But, thank you though : )

Have a wicked good weekend!



DB said...

Bethe. I love the spinning globe. Where and what is the pulsing light in the middle of the country? I'm curious about it since there was one like it in my sitemeter map.

Got your costume picked out for Halloween?


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Nice tags, Hope you're having a wonderful weekend/ Alvia

Dannelle said...

Oooo yuck about the "problem" with Mau'i. Hope she and all do not get sick since yu caught it soon.
You must have been the lucky charm for Florida Sports!
I love the tags, Dannelle

Martha said...

My boys have their mohawks! :-)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

My son and I are just croaking over the ball games. I cannot believe that Tampa Bay is down. I thought it was a given. Boo Hiss!

Ya know, it does sound like Maui was getting rid of tape worms. Mocha did that when we wormed her to begin with. She had that linguini stuff on her. You know vets and vet techs aren't always right.

Glad you got it taken care of. I don't think fleas cause wormy things at all. HUGS

Kelly said...

Good Sunday afternoon Bethe. :) Tapeworms, ugh. Its not easy to find, but sometimes you can find the tapeworm treatment at Tractor Supply or I think Jeffers Pet Supply online might have it. I hate how much the vet charges you for those pills, way expensive. Hope you are having a nice weekend. :) Love, Kelly

Dawn said...

I am sorry that Maui is sick! Poor babe! Game 7 tonight! Go Rays!

be well...

Cindi said...


Gillie said...

Poor Maui! Hope it clears up quickly! :)

yonguejap said...

GOOOOOO Rays! Amazing when we lived there no sports at all but that was 38 + years ago! Love the Tampa Bay area tho! My Bro lives there now.. maybe one day Ill get back ... hope Maui feels better soon!

D said...

it's amazing Boston came back... know it is killing you tho...
Tags are fabulous as always

Lisa said...

Sending my best to Maui, I hope her problem gets taken care of soon. I am just thinking, did I reply to your last email??? Oh my, if not I am soooo sorry - I am really poor with emails :(

Joyce said...

I'm sorry to hear that Mau'i has been sick. Poor baby. She's such a sweetie. You tags are great and your blog looks wonderful. Welcome back to LilA too.
Hugs, Joyce