Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Monday's Blinkie Challenge in the 'Group' was "Spider's.


Many of the SnowBird's are returning to the RV Park already. Is the weather turning cold early up north? I do have to thank you all for sending a nice 'cold front' to us. The temp's at night have been in the mid-60's. during the day in the low 80's. Perfectly comfortable.
Hillbilly Bobby has been trimming trees the past few days. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I've been waking up with a migraine the past couple weeks. It's not until noon do I feel halfway decent. I did take Jazzy for a wlk this afternoon & ran into HillBilly Bobby and asked him if I could gather up some of the wood in my yellow wagon for my fire pot. He looked at me & told me I couldn't have a fire on the ground. NO duh!
Heck with the price of things and my lack of transportion buying brickets seems pointless if I get use free wood. I'm planning on putting a pile on the west side of my little place where the sun will bake off the moisture. Cool, huh?

New subject...

I rarely dream. Then all of a sudden 3 weeks ago I started dreaming. Most of my dreams were about my grandmother. Nice dreams. I admired her emmensely. She as so kind and gentle. I always felt safe in my Grandma and Grandpa's home. I called my mother & asked her the date my grandmother died. Sure enough it was THAT very day. You see at the time my grandmother died I had a 2 yr old with ADHD, a husband who abuse me, and a 6 month old baby I was nursing. I had no idea of the actual date she died. Days just blurred together.

My Grandmother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in the spring of 1979 when I was pregnant with my daughter. My son and I used to accompany her to her various Dr and diagnostic appt's until we go the morbid news. The cancer was too far gone for surgery and chemo would be useless. She felt uncomfortable, but denied any pain.

My son and I would take her to Jumpin's Jack's, a popluar Drive-In Burger/Soft serve ice cream place located on the Mohawk River in Scotia. We lived on the out skirts of Schenectady at the time. As I'd drive across the bridge that corssed the Mohawk River to Scotia I'd say to my son, "Shall we go get Grammy. too". After that my son always referred to that Grammy as "Grammy 2". My mother was just plain "Grammy".

After lunch we'd sit on her patio enjoying the sweet smell her rose garden & the delightful afternoon warmth. One afternoon Grammy 2 watched Marc play while I walked up the corner to pay a Dr's bill. When I got back to the yard I went to sit & "OPPS! I think I went my pants a little" or could it be my water broke (?). My daughter was born that night.

The rest of the summer was more of the same. Grammy 2 was afraid to hold Nicolle because she was so weak. So I'd put the baby on the couch on her tummy for a nap & Gramma would sit in a rocking chair where she could easly reach over and stroke Nicolle's back. She's smile & talk about how sweet my baby girl was. Marc, on the other hand, she said was "A Card". I think that may have been the way her generation dubbed someone as a "Joker". He was a little devil boy.

Six months went by when I got a recieved a call from my mother who had moved in with Grammy 2 as her health declined & her weight to about 85 lbs. It was 6:30 am on a Saturday morning when I got a phone call. Mom said if I ever wanted to see Grandma alive I better get there NOW. I quickly change Nini's diaper, put her in a pink snowsuit, stuffed her fat little legs in and zipped her in. Put her in the car bed and drove like hell with flasher's flashing. Because it was early Saturday morning there was no traffic. I did run a few stop signs in Scotia. All the cops in town knew my family so I wasn't worried. You know I don't recall seeing a single car. Or maybe too focused.....

When I arrived she had already taken her last peaceful breath.

This morning I had another "Gramma Dream". When I awoke with the migraine I thought "UGH! I think I have an appt with the Rheumy today". I opened my calender, no, it's not week. Phew! I looked & there was written... today is the date of Grammy 2's Birthday. I thought about the year....2008. She was born in 1908. She would have been 100 yrs old today.

Now I'll admit I'm not good at remembering Birthday's or Aniversaries. In fact I am really bad. But it is strange how deep in my brain somewhere there was a little trigger that gives me a signal to pay attention to.

Thanks for listening
Hugs to All....



Joyce said...

What sweet memories Bethe. She was born the same year as my dad who would have been 100 in June. She is obviously still with you Sweetie.
Hugs, Joyce

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great & sweet memories. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one. Hugs, Alvia

LYN said...


Cindi said...

nice memories...I love g'mas!!! have a great Weds!

CONNIE said...


Robin said...

Aw that is a sweet memory! Happy birthday Grammy2!

Lori said...

This was a very nice entry. What nice memories of your grandmother. I'm glad she got to see both of your kids. It is strange how our sub-conscious can remind us of something that we weren't even aware we knew. I had a migraine yesterday evening that came out of nowhere. I hope you don't have any more anytime soon.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I think she's still with you, Bethe, which is why you're dreaming. I absolutely think that spider tag is totally awesome.

Yep, it's very cold up north. Low 30's; upper 20's at night. 40 to 50 in the daytime. If I was a snowbird, I'd have been south already. HUGS

Missie said...

I have dreams like that once in a while. i think it's there way of letting us know they're okay and so are we.

D said...

nice entry... thanks for sharing..
as for cold up north... ummm I had snow last night and this morning... didn't stick but it came down... how's that for an answer?
love ya

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

found you...got you on the list...hope you have a great rest of the week...love your blinkie..Hgs,TerryAnn

Chrissie said...

Awww.. your grandma was thinking of you she came to you in dreams. I'm sure she's having a great birthday party in Heaven.
Cute tag really cute.
Take care, Chrissie

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Bethe, so nice to find you here, and a great post about dreaming... glad to be back in touch!


Lisa said...

Such a beautiful entry about your grandmother and the memories you have. She is with you my dear, that is why you are dreaming of her. She's always with you but she is just nudging you a little bit more right now.

Gillie said...

Wow~what an entry! It's amazing what our minds remember! I am sure they were lovely dreams!