Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to the Haller tag


HI Everyone!
I've taken a break from my Groups, LiLA and LearnPSP so I could work on some Halloween tags. As always, my tags are snaggable.

Does anyone know why when animated graphics are downloaded here on blogger that it doesn't add just one. It keeps adding and adding while I am franticly hitting the DONE button. Sometimes I have to hit DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE. LOL! I think I had 36 of these little witches to delete.
Maybe I already have a reputation on Blogger as being a "B-WITCH"


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Very nice tag. I had that problem to but for me it only added there plus I could only add tags by adding them small. D from helped me out with it. Here is what she left in comment for me>>"change your template to a stretch one... and then use the html code from photobucket and paste into the html mode on entry option you can still only go to about 500 wide tho" It worked for me. Hope it helps you.


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Awesome tag, Bethe! You need to download animated tags with the html code from Photobucket or any server like that. You go to post entry, click on edit html on the top right. Paste the html code and then click compose on the top right. It will add only one animation. HUGS

Yasmin said...

I'll be snaggin thank, nice tag

Take care

Robin said...

What's a "haller?"

Lisa said...

B-Witch...LOL, that is adorable!!!
Good to see you posting.

Dannelle said...

I had that happen the first time too! I hate html! I laughed really hard whenI viewed by own site yesterday- My gif breast awareness blinkie doesn't animate it just say boobs! Dannelle (I guess I should fix it)

Joyce said...

Great tag Bethe. We miss you at LilA but certainly understand. Looks like you got your answer so I won't elaborate.
Hugs, Joyce

Sharon said...

Love the graphic...I had the same problem in the beginning, said a lot of nasty's so slow! I'm even having trouble in AOL with it...grrrrrrr.

Missie said...

You're Halloween tag is awesome! You've gotten so darn good at psp thing!

DB said...

Hello Bethe, I think the repetition was for exercise. It's part of Googles physical fitmess program.