Saturday, April 11, 2009



Well, I suppose by now you can guess what I've been up to the past couple of months. Yes, working on my graphics. Just like when I was in college, when I learned one huge lesson, the more you learn...the more you realize how much you don't know.

Today was warm and beautiful. A perfect 80 degree's with a slight breeze this afternoon, that blew some low clouds away. So perfect since I had planted the Basil, Dill, Cilantro and an Avocado tree last night.

AND guess what?! I thought I had bought Catnip for Mau'i, but when I planted it and took the little plastic tag out to put it in the new pot I realized that it was Lemon Balm. No wonder when I cut a piece and put it in front of her nose, she flipped her head, gave me a dirty look. Humph! "A cat with ATTITUDE", I thought. LOL-Now I know why!

I guess you also notice I am using large type in my journal here. Reading is getting more and more difficult. It really a chore to read anything these days. And I can't seem to find my writing Mojo.

So if I haven't gotten to your Journal yet. I'm working on it.

I think Marc is coming over for dinner tomorrow. Dinner is at the Recreation Hall, where they are serving Turkey and Ham supplied by the Park owner. The Activities committee makes the potatoes, gravy and the residents each bring a dish. I've made my specialty, Deviled Eggs. Not sweet...Spicy,Like me ; )


Yasmin said...

My cats go crazy with I'm not into writing much these days but want to keep up with my Jland friends I also use large type, I must be getting old.

Take care


Rose said...

I love your Blog's new facelift! Absolutely stunning!

Happy Easter!

Hugs, Rose

Cindi said...

Happy Easter!

garnett109 said...



Dannelle said...

Goodness this layout is "faboo!" I really understand about the font size- PSP is probably ruining the rest of my poor eyesight but I sure love it anyway! Recipe for Deviled Eggs ala Bethe?

Connie said...

Well Foxie-I'll just say Happy wasn't all that exciting on the homefront in the Ohio boonies.We cleaned out our freezers for the beef we took into the butchershop.Should be back anytime.
I see you're keeping busy.Wow -you sure took off with the PSP, to think I gave you that first nudge and you took off and I didn't,LOL..I just lost interest in a lot of things lately.Glad to see you did so well.Hope you're feeling fairly well.I think of you often my lil foxie friend.Take care of you.
the old foxie.......

Wunderwoman said...

Yes, I love your layout! I'm sorry that just doesn't sound right does it? Ok, well thanks for going with the large font, it's getting hard for me to read too.