Tuesday, April 14, 2009



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My son was here last weekend when a friend of mine loaned me her copy of the Twilight movie. We each watched, saying not a one word, neither of us suggested putting the movie on pause. Not once. Marc didn't take a cigarette break. No, not even one. He was on the sitting on the edge of his seat, and I was laying on the couch watching, feeling a bit faint at times...."swooning". I've never used that word "swooning". But, OMG, what a sensuous movie that it was. It took me back to that innocent time in my life when love & sex were an exciting mystery.
*my first boyfriend's name was Edward*


Honestly I was feeling flush and even...hot. I thought at times I was having hot flashes. But.wait, I don't get hot flashes! Now, I there is no doubt that I have to get the books. Bad eyes or not I will get through them. I just can't wait until the next movie in the series comes out.


Today was a rough day in the Tampa Bay area-weather wise. I woke up early remembering the high winds we had yesterday. Hmmm? No rain yet. So I opened up the door, put Mau'i and Jazzy outdoors. Jazzy went potty and came indoors to get her "breakfast bone". I was going to lay back down for a while, but because I was suppose to teach online at 9am, I thought I'd write a note telling everyone that I was hearing rumbles of thunder and a Tornado watch was in effect. As I was writing, the sky which had been that creepy green-gray color turned jet black. I was so dark, that I couldn't see the keyboard in front of me. The wind blew, the rain didn't come down. It blew sideways. The lightening and thunder was so violent the the trailer vibrated. Jazzy was shaking like a bowl of Jello. Within 10-15 minutes the veil of darkness lifted. I hadn't lost power so I had heard the warnings of tornadoes in the Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs area. It was too late for me to go to the Rec hall where the walls are cinder block. The wind and rain were too fierce. What I did hear though is that the darkness was actually a black cloud that moved on shore. Doppler Radar indicated the thunderhead was at ground level and 3,000 feet thick. All is fine with me. but, many people in the Tampa area had cars tossed and flipped over. Roves ripped and Lanai's blown away, holes in the sides of their homes from fence posts and trees being snapped and flung about. There were 2 confirmed tornadoes just north of Palm Harbor. And a few funnel clouds reported by police in the area trying to control the rush hour traffic. The are saying now that the wind shear was 95 mph.

Mau'i? She was outside. Poor kitty must have found shelter under a trailer or under my deck. I had called her, but she must have been chasing a bug or squirrel hunting.

When the rain let up a little I called her. She wailed on me as if it was my fault she had gotten wet. I think the water rose and had her trapped someplace dirty that soon became mud. I wiped the the mud off her white paws with my dish towel. She quickly ate some kitty kibble & went to her crate, where she sleeps at night, to clean herself and take a quiet nap. It wasn't long before another storm came in off the Gulf. Mau'i craweledout of the kitty cave ready to play. She was bouncing off the walls like a toddler with too much energy. So I dug out her kitten toys, the balls, the ribbons, the bottle caps, And we played while Jazzy laid on the couch rollilng her eyes as Mau'i jumped from chair to couch to floor to couch.


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Baseball is back at Tropicana Field

The first home game was played last night after the banners were hoisted for the American League and American League East Champions to a full house. And to the delight of us baseball fans we beat the britches of the NY Yankee's.



Missie said...

I'm so glad to find out that I'm not the only woman who felt that way during the movie!! LOL

garnett109 said...

My friend lives in the tampa area and told me about how bad it was. glad your ok!

Rose said...

Now,I have to see this movie!

Hugs, Rose

Connie said...

Glad you weathered the storm,lil foxie.

Sharon said...

Miss T says it is now her "favorite" movie and wants her very own vampire...hmmm, should I be worried? I haven't seen the movie or read the books and don't want to.
Glad to hear you're ok with that crazy weather...wow! I would have been freaked out!

Joyce said...

OMG! As old as I am (no fool like an old fool) I was flushed through most of this movie. You know there will be more and I can't wait. My son told me I wouldn't like it (sight unseen) because it was for teenage girls mostly. Hey, is there any woman out there who doesn't love reliving those years now and then (if only in our minds)? LOL.
Hugs, Joyce

kanishk said...

I have to see this movie!

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