Monday, December 22, 2008



I've had lots of surpirses this year. Firstly, my cousin, Danelle that I haven't heard in 8 yrs sent me a card. She and her b/f are now living in Flordia. And only about an hour away in Orlando. My Aunt & Uncle from North Carolina are going to be visiting her, as well as her brother from Austin. She sent her Email addy and I am hoping some how to try to get over there for a visit.

Saturday, Shelly (xxRoxyxx) from Tampa & her hubby are coming to pick me up. We will then travel south along the coast to a place near Venice, called Nokomis. We are going to a resturant and then to a Drum Circle on the beach with Martha from Sarasota and Sharon (Southern Comfort) from North Carolina.

Did you know Floridians refer to North Carlolina as "Upstate Florida"?

Many native Floridians dream of retirement and go to live in NC. I hear they even get snow there.

I woke up yesterday and I swear I had a bug. Whahoooo, it was a PSP bug. I had found some art I liked and the images were running through my head. So before the holiday season runs out I better get posting.

DEC 26 2008

I also found out that my daughter is coming to visit January 1st. When I asked her where she was staying she said, "With You".

Great : /

I am hardly prepared for Christmas, let alone company. Yes, my daughter is the princess of the family & likes to be treated that way. I better not say anything she doesn't like, because she'll definately set me straight : / This time last year I had gone to Chicago and Colorado. She didn't like the dinner I prepared, I made cream corn. I should have known that she didn't like it (she hasn't lived home in 10 yrs). I said all the wrong things in front of Eric & his family. I was suppose to sit at the dining room table where she told me to stay and not do anything, but when I did was told I was lazy. When she and I went shopping along Michigan Ave. We sat to have dinner at the Bubba Gump's on Pier in Chicago, she let me know all the things I had done wrong that week. Then gave me list of all the wonderful tributes of Eric's family. The girl had me going in circles. And I'll admit I was horribly depressed after that week.

She jokes about how her brother is 31, going on 21. Well, no. She doesn't ever, ever joke. Sometimes I swear she is stuck on that moody number 13. I can only pray she doesn't get her period while she is here in January.

I love my kids. There is no doubt about that. Part of that love is dealing with the ups & downs. I am trying to think if there is a way I can guide her past the issues she carries. The divorce when she was year old, the isolation her father and step mother imposed, the move to Florida, and the restricitons she felt were too harsh when she was a teen.

I am giving this some thought over the next week. Not going to harp on it ,though. I am thinking happy thoughts, being postiive and hoping that motion will stay in motion.

DEC 22 2008

Oh, my silly wart. I chose PINK!

I'll let you know what happens. Probably this weekend. LOL!

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Hugs to All....



garnett109 said...

So i Guess you went with purple flops to wear with the pink toe?

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I'm so jealous that you, Shelly and all are getting together in the heat. If I retire, it's Fla. I'm going to. No more snow for me. I hope all goes well with your daugther's visit. I have two and they send me in circles also. Love the tags! HUGS

Lisa said...

Oh Bethe I just love the black cat tag..that is awesome!!! Your trip sounds like good times. I hope your visit with your daughter goes better than you are anticipating. I think I remember reading about your Chicago trip.

Rose said...

Love all your new graphics.

Hugs, Rose

Cindi said...

great PINK!!!!!

Missie said...

Great tags!

Merry Christmas!

LYN said...

you always make me smile...

I was a horrendous 13 year old!!!

Teresa said...

First of all, I'm very sorry about not being around ~ I haven't been around for anyone or anything lately for the exception of work. I will write you a letter sooner or later...It's not that I don't want to it's finding the focus to be able to do so! and focus is sadly missing.
Your tags are lovely ~ the cat tag reminded me of Heathen... I miss him so bad.
About your daughter? remind her that SHE is the daughter and you deserve respect regardless of anything else she might be dissing on you. That makes me a wee bit angry...she shouldn't be doing that to you.
Hope you had a great Yule.. Blessings and Hugz** Teresa

Fernan said...

Line of the day, "I also found out that my daughter is coming to visit January 1st. When I asked her where she was staying she said, "With You".
Wonderful. I needed a laugh. Never hurts If can gleem an extra now and then to carry me through my week. Thanks Girl.