Sunday, December 7, 2008



Marc had stopped by yesterday to take me to Dog Lover's, where I bought the "Girl-Animals" their food for the month. Mau'i is keeps getting bigger and bigger through the middle. I only feed her 1/2 cup of dry food in the morning, 1/2 in the evening. I think someone else maybe feeding her as I find it hard to beleive that she is getting fat on bugs and lizards. Instead of Meow Mix, I bought some "Professional" kitten kibbles. At least this way she'll get nutrition if she is "eating out"

Poor Jazzy has hot spots and has been itchy. I noticed after being out yesterday my little place smelled like "wet dog". I htought initially it was the carpet that had a dog smell, but now I think it is from her licking her hair so much. Gave her a bath today, dried her & I put some Tea Tree oil on the hot spots. She won't lick that stuff. It smells a bit like eucalyptus. AND my palce no longer smells like wet dog, it smells like Vicks Rub.

Thank you Missie. Your card with the first holiday card I recieved this year : )

I didn't feel like fighting the crowds at Walmart today so I stayed home and just doodled with PSP. I guess I am thinking about all the Yule shopping to do for the kids, friends and family. And how I am going to be doing last minute wrapping and shipping again this year.

If you'd like one of the tags above, please leave a comment and I'll need your email addy please.

Hugs to all, and to all a good night : )


Missie said...

You are very welcome for the Christmas card!

Both my dogs have skin allergies so once a month, I bath them with an oatmeal shampoo. It really helps.

May I have this tag with Missie please? I love it!

Have a good week.

LYN said...

would love to send you a me your addy okay??

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That tag is adorable! Linda please?

Teresa said...

Great tag hon! Hope you are feeling great this week and the FM & RA aren't acting up. Also your poor baby gets those hot spots cleared up, they can be so uncomfortable for them! but you know that LOL. Tea Tree oil is great for those kinds of things. It's also great if you can find it in chapstick form if you have dry or chapped lips! doesn't taste that great but it works wonderfully. Blessings Sistah Dear, Teresa

garnett109 said...

My sassy's skin was dry and itchy, benadryl worked, i gave her 2 aday.

Sharon said...

Oooops I love it!!!!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I really like the graphic. Benadryl works well for the itchies.


D said...

love the tag... the scrap kit is the perfect colors!

Lisa said...

Love the tag, nice job! I don't blame you for not wanting to fight the shopping crowd - that's not for me either!!

I agree with the others, Bendadryl works great. Good luck with that.