Monday, December 15, 2008


It's Monday

and the results of another LILA "Show Me What You Got" contest are in.

I entered both of these.


And Whahoooo!!

The one below got 3rd place. There are so many entries for this contest now-about 20. I was surprised it got votes because many in the group don't care for SAC.

Me? Most SAC I don't mind most SAC except "crotch shots".

Holy crap, it just dawned on me why! I see enough lady crotches when at work. Gee, I wonder how many that would be over a 25 yr nursing carreer?



Snag or I can tag

Yes, I've been a bit competitive ::grin::

Maybe it's the only part of my Type A personality that continues to exist. I don't know.

Notice how well these graphics match my Blog Template?

The scrap kit we were given to work with is the same one I had used to create my Journal Background 4 weeks ago! This was not a good thing, as it took me forever to come up with something.

Everything I made looked like this template!

I finally got Nicolle & Marc their big Yule presents today. Nicci had mentioned she wanted a camera. When I asked Marc to find out if she ever got one, he whined "Maaaa, I want one". OK, that was easy shopping this year. I had picked up 4 glass ornaments at the Strawberry Festival last March. One for each kid, one for son-in-law and an extra for a g/f Marc may or may not have. Or to keep if he didn't.

I'll be making cookies and sending chocolates up to the kids in Chicago. Marc will graze on the cookies and chocolates I have here. And I'll be making cookies, or maybe fudge for neighbors.

Can you tell I'm stressed about this. NOT! I had enough stress when the kids were young and I was worried about how I was going to make a nice Christmas for them. I'd try, like I do now, to purchase 1 "big gift" and couple little ones. The funny thing was that no matter how little money there was or how little there was under the Christmas bush. It was all good to them. I think that they enjoyed the little brunch I'd put together more anything.



Cindi said... amazes me you & others crafty side doing all this tags...have fun...

ADM DESIGN'S said...


Sexy tag. Thats the kinda present I want Santa to leave under my tree LOL

Chrissie said...

That is a great tag. Love seeing the challenges I haven't done those in a long while.
Take care, Chrissie

LYN said...

crotches? christmas "bush" LOL.. cracked me up...


garnett109 said...

Great stuff

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I loved them both, Bethe, but I actually voted for the first one. Hmmm...but I love the winking eye. I see you bought some tubes. Weird that the scrap kit was the one you used for here. LOL...ok I'm cracking up at the Christmas bush also. Huggies...

Missie said...

Your tag is awesome!

Lisa said...

I love the tag - you are sooo good! You should be proud of yourself!

Joyce said...

Congrats again Bethe. Nice work.
Hugs, Joyce

Lazarai said...

I love that you're NOT stressed this year, Bethe. It gives me hope that one day, maybe I won't be either!! I have almost 20 people coming to my house on Xmas Day and all I wanna do is go away to a desert island. LOL

Great tags - I know you work hard on them - you're VERY talented!!!

:) Carol

mmmarti, said...

perdon pero yo no le veo nada de fabuloso comparar a santa clous, con una seƱora mitad vestida :/