Tuesday, December 2, 2008


When my son planned the day he told me he was going to pick me up to go to most recent g/f's house at 9:30 am. Actual pick up time...11:30 am.

Deena is the one who is 8 yrs older than Marc. One day while she was visitng at my place, I was talking with Deena. Marc was outside having a cigarette when he texted me with a note saying that he "can tell what she is going to look like when she gets old, because she already IS!"

She has a 7 yr old Autistic son. He is nonverbal except for "Ga" for "Go" and I-O-Aww sounds. He doesn't like to look at people, but I expected that. He did do a "fist bump" with me when I put my hand up. Later he did come & lean up against me to see what I was working on in PSP on my laptop, when everyone else was sleeping on the couch and floor. Then later when Marc and I were leaving, his Mom told him to give me a hug and he leaned into me so I could hug him. That is what he does with his Mom also.

His thing is to fast forward and back track the DVR, over and over the same scene of a movie or commercial. He loves the credits at the end of movies and would rewind, watch and rewind the credits over and over & over & over. And there is a Disney commercial with Firworks that he absolututely loves.

Everyone in the room had fallen asleep, but he & I. Iean bag seat on the floor in front of the TV. All of a sudden the volume went to a loud roar. Then the sound would go quiet just as fast as it went loud. LOL! He was operating the channels and rewinding using the remote while he was turning the sound up and down using his toes.

And then there was the friend, Becky who had a 16 yr old daughter and a 9 yr old son with ADHD. He was being very good, playing soldiers with those little plastic guys in the Lanai. The 16 yr old went out to sit in the Lanai and the mother tells her to play "soldier's" with the boy. The daughter said, "But, Mom it's soooo Boring" Then the mother tells her not to say that. "Well, Mom it is".
Well, yeah! What 16 yr old girl wants to play "soldiers" with her 9 yr old little brother. Come on, we know her idea of fun is talking with her B/F on the phone.

After dinner the 9 yr old got a little bored & was doing some somersaults on the living room floor. To which the Becky said, she is afraid he son is going to break his neck. She was serious.

Oh, and then when the 16 yr old was in the kitchen Deena poured her a glass of wine. Not a wine glass, but a water goblet. The 16 yr old sat down at the counter & drank the wine quietly while everyone else was watching TV (sort of-see above). I looked up ( I was the only one who could see her) she went back for 2 refills......then she also fell asleep on the floor.

The food? We didn't have turkey. Deena said she didn't know how to roast one. She had bought a Honey-Baked Ham. That's Okay. But, Deena didn't know she should warm the ham up in the oven, so we ate it cold. The dressing, the carrots were also cold. My son made the mashed potatoes. He's been doing them since he was about 9 yrs old. He makes wonderful mashed taters : ) The items I brought, scalloped oysters, asparagus with cheese sauce, pumpkin pie, well, I could put my hands on them and I warmed them for serving. Deena's son didn't eat with us. He sat at the counter on a stool and had pizza. He likes to pinch off a piece to put in his mouth, smell it, taste it, then take small nibbles until it is gone. It all relates to the sensory stimulus he needs.

I tried to stay away from the kitchen, but if we go there for Yule, I'll be stepping into the kitchen and to make sure every thing is timed to be warm at serving time. We sat at a glass table with a tall candle in the middle with a glass hurricane tower around it. We had to duck to the right or left in order to talk with one another. I've got a round table dark red table cloth and it will be a sit down dinner.

So, yes, it a different kind of Thanksgiving: /

I ended up totally exhausted by the time I got home around 9 pm. Friday, apparently the FM and RA caught up to me. I not only slept in, but didn't do anything all day but move from the bed to the couch and back again.

Wa-hoooo!! I finally got the tag I had trouble with yesterday to upload for me.




Rose said...

Sounds like you had an exhausting day...rest up..........and get ready for Christmas.

Hugs, Rose

Chrissie said...

Your tag is cute. I know I have trouble using ani tags in blogger. It's annoying.
Well I guess it was good you got to see your son. Sad that the food was cold. I know you had a long day. I can tell I'm older I can't take all that anymore. I hope you don't have a repeat for Christmas.
Take care, Chrissie

Yasmin said...

Thanksgiving was diffeerent for you this and a cold dinner is not much fun, you should take over at Xamas if you go back. Nice tag I've snagged if that's ok.

Take care


garnett109 said...

We had sausage with peppers and onions for Thanksgiving

Missie said...

It was a different kind of Thanksgiving, but at least you were with family! Have a good week!

D said...

sounds interesting... and better then being alone. Maybe at Christmas working together??
Glad you got the animation to work.

Carmi said...

You'll definitely never forget this Thanksgiving. And neither will we! Togetherness can be an amazingly entertaining state of being - even when we're left a little confused by the experience.

Joyce said...

What a day you had. She has a lot to learn and maybe you will be the teacher...lol. Great tag Bethe.
Hugs, Joyce

Lazarai said...

Wow, now that WAS a different kind of Thanksgiving, huh? I'm glad Mark has found somebody he likes. She does sound like she has her hands full with her kids - not sure about giving wine to a 16-year old, either, but flaws and all, is sounds like she tried. Hopefully, with your help, Xmas will be better!!

See you tomorrow, Bethe!!

Gillie said...

What an interesting Thanksgiving for you! :)

Teresa said...

I'm sorry I'm so late getting to your entry, I forget constantly to check the Dashboard for new entries of peoples journals :( I'm sorry!
It sounds like you did have a very interesting Thanksgiving :) Those scalloped Oysters sounded really good! It's so darned hard to get Oysters when you are 6 hours away from the Gulf :( I miss that aspect of living in Oregon too...the coast was like "right there" even if it is very, very different than the coast of Florida, no matter which side you are on. LOL.
(((((Hugz Sistah Dear)))) Teresa